Newsletter Feedback

I have almost completed my second year at the University of Tasmania studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) degree. My passion for cereal cropping and research, especially cereal agronomy, saw me scour the internet looking for a specific newsletter that was comprehensive and up to date on current cropping issues, then Agronomic Acumen newsletter popped into the search result.. After reading some of the article titles from previous issues I was instantly taken by the complexity of the "current issues" addressed in each addition, but also by the way in which each article had been written. I have been with many other newsletters over the last 3 years and this is the first newsletter that writes in a way in which anyone who reads it can understand. It has the correct balance of science and practicality. Thanks for the great additions so far and keep them coming.
David, Tasmania

This year was my first year of No-till, after many years of wanting to but not being able to afford to. Your newsletter has been a wealth of information, which was much sought after for my first No-till seeding and subsequent season.
Loxton, SA

My husband and son really adore these newsletters and say they are the best thing since sliced bread!! I too find them very interesting so congratulations on such a fine newsletter and (we are) looking forward to receiving the next instalments in the year ahead. Once again thanks for such an excellent and informative bulletin.
Kondinin, WA

May we congratulate you on the presentation of your newsletter.
It brings a shot of optimism to our business once a month as even the problems are accompanied by solutions.
Dookie, Victoria

Newsletter is timely, informative, entertaining and is the best newsletter we receive as far as agronomic and technical information goes.
Dumbleyung, WA

I think the newsletters are great. If you want quality, you pay for it.

I find the newsletter is among the better ones I read. There is some very good info and it is always timely in regards to all farm cropping situations.

The newsletter I find is excellent and very worthwhile.
Wellstead, WA

Thanks for your newsletter. I have found your ideas very thought provoking, even for a Victorian.
Nhill, Vic

I would go to say it was one of the best publications we receive. Easy reading and we look forward to the monthly issue.
Wellstead, WA

In all a very worthwhile publication. It is a very good basis for info that is straight talking without prejudice as far as products go. It is good to get a straight forward answer rather than a grey response that many consultants/agronomists give. I do not necessarily agree with you 100% of the time, but your opinion is valued highly.
Woodanilling, WA

I think your newsletters are great value.
Broomehill, WA

I find the newsletters to be honest and not just the self-interest of the writer. It is a genuine attempt to give agronomic information to the farmer.
Gnowangerup, WA

Keep up the good work. If I want conservative, I'll read the label on chemicals or go to the Ag Department for advice. I subscribe to you because you are willing to look for that elusive edge that might benefit us all in the future.
Kukerin, WA

I find your newsletter invaluable.
Minnipa, SA

Thanks for your newsletter. Interesting as always. Also some feedback on radish control. LVE+DFF+SU or Metribuzin are working excellent at the rates suggested in your newsletter. Thankyou.
Toodyay, WA

Thank you very much for the copy of your newsletter. I found it very informative and interesting.
Albany, WA

Your newsletter is the best publication we get. Top job.
Maitland, SA

I have just got home and read your newsletter. As usual, its a pleasure to read.
Kojonup, WA

I must say I really enjoy reading your newsletter and drawing on your great ideas and enthusiasm.
Minlaton, SA

As a person who has been involved in ag communications I can tell you, you produce a terrific newsletter.
Brisbane, QLD

We get to your newsletter which we are finding an invaluable aid to our farming business.
Esperance, WA