Services - Paddock Monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Totally independent and the best agronomic advice.
  • Paddock monitoring as frequent as weekly.
  • Available to talk to individuals or groups
This service has several levels and is based on time for agronomic advice. The main service is where we monitor your paddocks to provide agronomic recommendations. After each visit, a typed report is emailed to you, usually within 12 hours.

Full time clients are visited regularly (weekly to fortnightly) during the growing season without needing to request a visit. Casual clients must book a time because full-time clients receive priority, and so there may be time when it is not possible to fit in a visit. The more notice you give, the better the chances are of us seeing you.

We can prepare paddock plans for you whether you are a full-time or casual client.

Full-time service

This is for clients who pay by the middle of January. It includes complete preparation of paddock plans, free newsletters, free advice at any time, monitoring of your paddocks during the growing season (usually weekly, but at least fortnightly), and priority on our time. The fee is based on an area basis and has a minimum fee of $ (+GST).

Casual service

This is basically any or all of the above, but is chargeable on an hourly basis. Newsletters and advice are also charged for. It includes asking for one of us to come and inspect one or more of your paddocks, or prepare paddock plans, or talk to you or a group. Since full-time clients have priority on our time, it is not always possible to provide as much time as is demanded. Therefore, please give as much notice as possible that you would like one of us to visit or do something for you.


We are available to provide talks to groups anywhere in the world. Please click here to e-mail us with details of what, when and where you want us to present a talk.