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Agronomic Acumen is a consultancy firm that specialises in agronomy and is based in Albany, Western Australia. We provide various services that include regular paddock/field inspections, development of paddock plans, one-off farm visits for advice, talking to groups, giving seminars and providing a completely independent view on why your chemical product is not selling or what should be done to make it a best seller. We also publish a monthly newsletter, back issues of which are available here for download.

We manage farms for investors and land owners who want maximum sustainable profits using the best agronomic techniques. We are also able to manage your farm if you just want a break or are having trouble keeping up with the rapid change of agriculture.

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You may find some useful links that we visit regularly. Please browse the photo gallery for some recent photos of warm season crops in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

Latest Newsletter Topics - February 2017

  • RGT Planet - a freak of a new malting barley variety. Highest yielding in >40 European countries, and now highest yielding barley across Australia whether 1t/ha, or 10t/ha.
  • Zinc medicine - Having herbicide carryover problems hurting your crop? Does your crop have nematode issues? Zinc is the answer and isn’t a snake oil because it does work.
  • Spotted Alfalfa Aphids - these are likely to be a problem this Autumn on legume pastures. Comments on how to identify and control.
  • Too much stubble? - After a huge crop year in 2016, there is a temptation to burn before seeding, but there are other options and stubble is the key to successful no-till cropping.
  • 2017 rainfall outlook - Dr. David Stephens now sends frequent newsletters with forecasts for the next 12 months rainfall outlook. He is the most accurate forecaster I have met. His website is
  • Mice plague is possible - comments on how to manage a potential explosion in mice numbers in the next few months.
  • Locusts - comments on how to control locusts.
  • The Seed Terminator is here - A fantastic invention that is likely to revolutionise continuous cropping around the world. Best and cheapest option on the market -
  • Variety updates for 2017
  • Russian Wheat Aphid - recommendations on the best way to control these and prevent from being a problem this season.
  • Nitrogen efficiency in non-legume rotations - comments on why nitrogen efficiency declines with a non-legume rotation.
  • Summer sprays - a few brews to control most of the problem weeds.
  • Snippets on glyphosate formulations and adjuvants
  • Systiva on barley - a seed dressing fungicide that currently is the best option to control the net blotches on barley. Comments on how best to use it.
  • Kenya 2017 study tour - 4 seats are available for the tour in August 2017.

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