The Agronomy Specialist™

Agronomic Acumen is a consultancy firm that specialises in agronomy and is based in Albany, Western Australia. We provide various services that include regular paddock/field inspections, development of paddock plans, one-off farm visits for advice, talking to groups, giving seminars and providing a completely independent view on why your chemical product is not selling or what should be done to make it a best seller. We also publish a monthly newsletter, back issues of which are available here for download.

We manage farms for investors and land owners who want maximum sustainable profits using the best agronomic techniques. We are also able to manage your farm if you just want a break or are having trouble keeping up with the rapid change of agriculture.

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You may find some useful links that we visit regularly. Please browse the photo gallery for some recent photos of warm season crops in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

Latest Newsletter Topics - August 2018

  • The 2018 season so far.
  • Bare soil - discussion on the widespread wind erosion that happened this season and what are the best options to do now. This includes sowing summer crops and the risk of herbicide residues on them.
  • New varieties that have been released.
  • Caluka Farms update
  • Kenya study tour report.
  • Late fungicides - how late can fungicides be used on crops and still achieve a profitable response?

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